Interested To Organize A Studio 54 Themed Party?

Know 4 Crucial Facts About Studio 54 Themed Party

Party themes are always amazing. Even the party themes available has increased manifold. This has brought some respite. People choose one theme that meets their parameters. In other words, you don’t have to restrict your desires.You can choose anything as long as it gives you immense satisfaction. The festive season calls for big time celebrations. Are you in a celebration mood? Why not choose something extraordinary? Go for Studio 54 themed party. It will become the talk of the town. Everyone known to you will appreciate your choice.

studio 54 themed party
studio 54 themed party

However, not many are familiar how to conduct a event like studio 54 or Backyard Carnival. You ought to adhere to few basic things. For your convenience, these 4 facts are enumerated below:

Make Your Guests Feel Like Stars In Studio 54 Party

Remember – Studio 54 finds its origin in late 1970s. it was tge most popular night club back then. All famous personalities used to frequent this watering hole! The entire place exhibited true traits of glamour and opulence.

Therefore, make necessary arrangements at your party venue. This will serve twin objectives. Firstly, your guests will feel real stars. Secondly, they will also get a taste of high life. After all, you have opted for a studio 54 theme which is better known for being the most glamorous spot in the town!

You Can Expect Your Guests To Come In Galm-Retro Styles

Unlike a Vodka-tasting Party, studio 54 event comes just once in lifetime for many! They look forward to make the most of it. On top of it, the festive season is on. Everyone is trying their best to make the most of it. Therefore, you can expect the same from your guests.

For instance, some will appear in fantastic glam-retro styles. They do so to fit into the current fashion trend. To get the best look, women do not shy off from exhibiting rightful fashion accessory as well. Therefore, you can see them wear things like high slits, sequins, big hair, jumpsuits, velvet, to name a few.

For Some It Is The Perfect Eureka Moment

Daily drill of life does not provide enough scope for entertainment. Most time is spent on attending professional commitments. Many are left with taking care of their household chores. Under these circumstances, they long for some merriment.

The studio 54 party you are organizing just fits their bill! They are able to exhibit classic fashion staples effortlessly. For many of your guests, this opportunity becomes their sartorial Eureka moment.

They aren’t wrong in feeling so. After all, they do take immense pain to attend such a party. For instance, arranging all fashion accessories is no joke. You miss one and this could lead to adverse consequences. Naturally, these women feel rewarded to encounter this Eureka Moment.

You Can Find Excellent Array Of Fashion Accessory On Display

For example, some come to the studio 54 party in attractive and elegant fashion accessory with one objective. They want to be treated by style icons. For instance, they come in 70s Heels and Fur, glitter, sequins, etc. They do so just to make sure they look like their role models like Diane Von Furstenberg. In other words, don’t be amused to find guests arriving with a fur coat or a trench coat. Any guesses why they do so? Well, the answer is – they want to look like full-on rock star!

Best Birthday Party Game for Kids

Birthday Party Games in Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida

  • Pin the tail

Pin the tail on the donkey is a classic party game, which is easily adapted to the party theme like Pin the Eye on Minion, Wand on the fairy, Moustache on Santa Claus, etc. This is among most favorite birthday party game as per our observation and kids want to try it again and again. In this game, each child takes a turn at pinning the missing object on a picture while blindfolded. The child who pins on the correct spot is the winner. There can be multiple winners of this game, so do remember to arrange for few prizes or chocolates.

  • Birthday Bingo

Ask questions about the birthday child, like his/her middle name, a favorite color, a favorite cartoon character, etc. Whoever knows each answer yells bingo!  Let the birthday child confirm whether it is correct. This will be interesting birthday party game.

birthday party game
birthday party game

Memory Game

Put some small items on a tray, for example a comb, glue stick, pen, mobile phone etc. In general, ten items should be ideal. Give each child a pencil and paper. Let them look at the tray for a minute, and then cover it.  Children have to write down all the items; the one with the maximum right answers is the winner.

There can be a twist in the birthday party game, therefore ask kids to observe properly. The person who shows the tray, moves out of the room. Then ask the color of shoes or hair of the person who presented the tray. You may ask this question to moms, and it will be fun.

  • Picture Treasure Hunt

This one is one of our favorite birthday party game. Hide treasure is easy to reach, safe place and show a picture clue of where it is hidden. It can be with a person also like show pictures of black suit, children will go to the person wearing a black suit and ask for the treasure. Give one clue at a time and children race to find the treasure, whoever finds it keep the treasure. Here, the treasure can be puzzle games, chocolate box or a toy.

Sunshine Game

If you want children to be seated and concentrate, then this is the best fun game. Ask them to show the things they have or they are wearing, whoever comes in front first and shows it, is the winner. For example, you may ask questions like who is wearing white socks. Who has a blue watch? Show me a coin etc. The child who has it has to come forward and show it. Trust on us, Sunshine Game, being one of the best birthday party game really excite kids.


Charades is another famous game in classical birthday party game. Nearly everyone has taken part in it at least once.

It is very easy to play Charades. Write the names of movies on pieces of paper, fold those and put them in a bowl or a hat. Divide guests into teams. One person from the team goes to the front and picks a paper.

This is where the fun starts. The person will then have to communicate the movie title to team members without speaking. The game involves acting, body language, some embarrassment and tons of fun.

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is another classical indoor party game. It is mainly suitable for younger gatherings of people who feel comfortable in each other’s presence.

One person starts by asking somebody else Truth or Dare. In the case that the person chooses truth, some very personal question will be asked. The individual will have to provide an honest answer. When dare is selected, the person will be asked to do something, which is usually embarrassing.
Hope you liked these birthday party game; children above 8 years would love it too and remember the party always. A number of indoor birthday party game are available for you to choose from. Make sure that you have at least several options, giving guests of the celebration the chance to pick the activity that they enjoy the most.

Find 45 Teen Party Themes For Birthday Party Celebrations

  1. A popular movie themed party
  2. Alice in the wonderland
  3. The 80’s
  4. Or you could throw it back all the way to the 60s
  5. Masquerade Ball
  6. Black and White
  7. Different colour mix
  8. Barbie Party
  9. Fairytale Themed Party
  10. Oriental Theme
  11. Mexican celebration
  12. Candyland
  13. Ancient Greece- Togas and Kebabs
  14. All over the world
  15. Hippies vs Hipsters
  16. American high school stereotypes- come as a goth, cheer leader, or a jock
  17. Pyjama party
  18. Murder Mystery
  19. Call me maybe party
  20. Neon Jungle
  21. Superheroes
  22. Angels vs Devils
  23. Scavenger/treasure hunt party
  24. Hawaiian Luau!
  25. High end casino themed party
  26. Arabian
  27. Egyptian
  28. Hollywood theme
  29. Carnival
  30. Circus Theme
  31. Winter Wonderland
  32. Foam Party
  33. Mardi Gras
  34. Lingerie Party
  35. Disco Theme
  36. Indian Patriotism
  37. Prom Theme
  38. Craft Party
  39. Spa Party
  40. Greek Themed Party
  41. Secret Santa Party
  42. Make your Own Food Party
  43. Game Night Party
  44. Cake- Decorating Party
  45. Karaoke party

Bring The Sun To Your Home With Suns Up Themed Party

Suns Up Themed Party celebration Ideas with birthday world

Have you ever given it a thought to bring the sun literally to your home? No, this is not a joke. This is very much possible if you choose Suns Up themed party. Gear up to soak all the fun in the process. Expect to have a blast of your lifetime with your loved ones.

There Is No Dearth Of Fun Elements

Indulge with great fun by taking along items like a beach ball, sunglasses and flip-flops. Having great fun under the sun will help you in getting rid of any winter blues! Add a touch to exclusivity by decorating your flip flop. Select a neon colored sunglass to enhance your entertainment level with Suns Up  themed party decorations.

suns up themed party
suns up themed party

Get Busy With Party Planning After Sending Invitations

It is absolutely correct that you have chosen the right theme. How about intimating your guests about the event? send Suns Up themed party invitations to them. This ought to be done three to four weeks prior to the date of event. It is considered to be sufficient time period to let them know about the party. Allow your creativity to flourish. Use it to the maximum to make the party invite to stand out.

Depending upon your convenience and allied factors, you can choose an alternative that finds merit. For instance, think about hand delivering messages preferably in a bottle. Uniqueness of your idea will induce guests to appear in the event.

Apart from this, there are several other options you can try. For example, you can try the personalized invitations. Make it look extraordinary. Incorporate rightful measure in this regard. For example, you may add address labels and send the invite in a box!

You Can The Beauty Of Serving Wonderful Foods

To get started, have the rightful tableware and choose Suns Up themed party food accordingly. Cupcakes do remind your attendees about the festive occasion. You can even serve cool treats like ice cream. This will be specially appreciated by the younger generation. There are several options to choose from. Go by popular choices. This can include anything like Hawaiian ice bar, ice-cream sundae bar, to name a few. You can even experiment with mocktails. Avoid anything alcoholic and choose non alcoholic drinks by blending items like coconut milk, yogurt pineapple juice, ice and honey.

Say Cheers To Sun God With Sun Protecting Attire

The party is going to take place under the sunshine. Therefore, you need to come in attire that offers sufficient protection from humidity. This kind of thinking will allow you to have loads of fun without causing any disturbances. Choose Suns Up themed party outfits that is light and offers convenience in movement. Going to this party with soft jumpsuit overall will be an excellent choice. You can look the star of the party if you come in a floral print. This will look elegant and gracious. For better comfort choose one that comes with soft woven material. Ensure it have provision for short sleeves and apron front.

Boss Baby- Your powerful child’s powered theme party

Plan your kids birthday party with newest boss baby theme

The strength and extraordinary powers like that of a Superman or Batman is always enticing for the children, especially the boys. While, Ironman and Captain America might have been your kid’s favorite superhero, there is a new power figure theme party in the house- the Boss Baby Theme Party. Boss Baby– the animated American movie is a favorite power figure amongst many kids today. They relate to boss baby and his excellent intelligent abilities.

However, if you are planning for your child’s upcoming birthday party and are are still opting for old superhero themes, we bet you should rather choose the new inspiring and trending theme – Boss Baby Theme. A more preferred theme amongst the boys, this would be exciting and adventurous as your kid will not only feel special, but also, will be the “Boss”. We guarantee he would love to be the “Baby Boss” on this special day and dictate his commands as it is his special day. 

boss baby theme
boss baby theme

However, as trendy as it is, it is also a new and rare theme party idea that many are exploring. However, we assure you that our team would be the best assistants and take complete responsibility of all preparations right from the start till the end.

The Powerful Ambience

While planning a theme party it is important that the environment is set as per the expectations. You would not like the theme party that does not resonate with the idea of your invitation made your guest. It can be disheartening. Our team understands that and provides you with exceptional ideas and execution which would definitely be at par than your expectations.

Starting from the venue, we will take care of the complete setup. Whether it be your house or a banquet booking, we ensure the decor would be the best. As the theme suggest, the special day for your loved ones should be power pact. Boss Baby theme is all about intelligence and power to think maturely. The decor can include banners and flyers.


Wall hangings and flyers all around the venue with Boss Baby happy birthday message can be vibrant and effective theme decor. The banners can be exclusive and inspiring when you have your kid posing as the Boss Baby. A picture of your baby boy implanted and hanged around the walls sounds fun-loving. Your kid would definitely feel special.

Thematic wall hanging with your kids & boss baby picture

Special wall hanging with your kids picture and witty powerful messages or quotes from the movie just as delivered by the Boss Baby can add a unique and unforgettable memory to your celebration. Additionally, we can also arrange a backdrop with boss baby theme banner and your kids picture in it for a photo booth. It would be lovely to see your kid present in every picture.

We can have specially designed table covers of theme. As the theme, balloon spread around or hanging from the ceiling can add more spark to your theme party.

Time for some food – maybe the energy drink it is

When we talk about food, the first and most important thing in a birthday party is the cake. While you can order special favor cakes, we provide special services offering quality theme cakes for your birthday celebration. Just like Chota Bheem or Captain America, we can provide you with special Boss Baby cake.

Talking about eatables, this theme has an extraordinary demand. While you might be thinking of energy food, how about having the energy drink, just like what Boss Baby had for his extra powers and wit. A special energy drink served in special boss baby glasses. The drink is of utmost significance to make your theme celebration distinctive and exclusive.


For food you can have special items that relates to the theme. We can have special supplies of plates and napkins all with theme pictures on it.

Dress like a Boss

Theme parties are always fun to watch when all your guest walk in dressed as per the theme. Oh, we cannot even imagine those amazing pictures after it. Can you?

Well, to make your celebration more special we can also have a dress code for your theme party. Just like the boss baby, how about having all your little kids dressed in suits with tie. That would definitely be a treat to watch. Your little champs dressed in black suit just like a boss. Now, you certainly can imagine those amazing pictures coming from your party.

However, while arranging for theme parties, it is important that you inform your guest much in advance. This can be done through the invitation cards.

Invitation cards

We provide a team of creative designers who will design special boss baby theme party based invitation cards for all your guest. Syncing color and out of the box ideas, we ensure you also do not miss on important messages.

It is important we put out details like- venue, date and time and a special note about the dress code so your guest stay prepared.

Games and Activities

Boredom can make your guest think of leaving your party sooner. In case you’re worried about it, we assure your party would be one of its kind. Just as fun and adventurous as the movie, we can organize thrilling and amusing games and activities for your loved ones and the guests.

Boss baby as the intelligent and bossy little kid, would definitely love to use his powers and not be treated like any other normal kid. Thus, organizing quiz for the kids to show off their intelligence, or, having a game like decode the memo and be the boss can be adventurous for your theme birthday party.


Nevertheless, as the preparations are endless, we are a team that never goes out on creativity and ideas. Our innovative theme parties are our strength and also a value that our customers trust us with.

We promise to make your celebrations memorable and delightful for you and your loved ones. We value our customers and their needs, understanding the significance of this day. We assure to make the day as special as you desire.

Downtown Abbey Watching Party – 3 Useful Factors Worth Knowing

Downtown Abbey Watching Party

Do you watch the famous and popular period drama Downtown Abbey? If yes, there are chances you must be waiting anxiously to discover the sequence of events related your favorite characters. You watching experience increases manifold when there are friends around, right?Why not think about organizing a Downtown Abbey Watching Party? Don’t worry; you can easily pull off the party. You have to necessarily break your grandmother’s china and crystal. This will be one rare occasion when you can indulge with some fun and frolic with nearest and dearest ones.

Downtown Abbey Watching Party
Downtown Abbey Watching Party

Of course, you need to plan and organize the event in a proper manner. Do don’t want all your assembled guests to feel uncomfortable with cramped seating arrangement, for instance. Apart from the seating arrangement, you ought to pay attention to several other factors as well.

For your benefit, 3 of these useful factors are mentioned below:

  • Opt For Downtown Abbey-Inspired Recipes

All your guests in Downtown Abbey watching party have gathered to spend some time and derive tons of merriment. During the course of the party, everyone would look forward to tasting some sumptuous foods! This reaction is quite natural as they will feel hungry while watching the period drama.

Your guests are special to you. Needless to say, they do expect special treatment as well. The best way to achieve this objective would be to serve them rightful foods. Please do not settle for conventional food items. Instead, offer them Downtown Abbey inspired foods during Downtown Abbey Watching Party. You can opt for recipes that fit this definition. For instance, you can offer them a cocktail inspired from this theme. Arrange for an ice filled mixing glass and add things like Hendricks Gin, St German Elder flower Liqueur and fresh squeezed lime. Once done, shake it vigorously and make sure to strain into the chilled martini glass. If you want you can also top it with sparkling wine or Champagne.

  • Think About Mugs And Super Cute Cupcake Toppers

Did you know you can even give an impressive look to your table at Downtown Abbey Watching Party ? Of course, for this you will need to arrange few things. In addition, get hold of cute cupcake toppers, themed-mugs and cupcakes. Decorate the cupcakes with stunning toppers. So, this will in turning tone of your table.

  • Arrange For A Quiz Session

Believe it or not, your guests are intelligent lots. Therefore, they just don’t watch the period drama episode. On the contrary, they are well versed with everything that has been aired so far. Therefore, the best way to determine this is to conduct a quiz. The guests for Downtown Abbey Watching Party will take whole hearted active participation.

Also, it is human tendency that they want to be recognized for their wits and knowledge. Therefore, when you pose a question about the theme, you can expect many hands up! In order to instill a sense of competition, you can even come up with gifting prizes! Also, this kind of party idea is praiseworthy. Most Importantly, your guests will love sipping the drink and also get entertained rightfully.

4 Interesting Facts About The Parisian Cafe Party Foods

Do you know why people are very curious to include Parisian Cafe party foods for their party bash? Most of them have an unanimous reply – it relates to Paris! You too belong to this school of thoughts. Also, everyone will appreciate your choice for these foods.

Naturally one crops in the mind- what is so special about these foods? The answer is – it plays a great role to define culinary tastes of Paris. This is the reason why most cafes incorporate them in their menus.

If you are organizing such a themed party, you can also include them. Of course, just to ensure your party ends on a happy note, you need to incorporate many other things. Underneath you will find 4 interesting facts. These are very helpful especially to organize parties like Parisian Cafe party as well.

parisian cafe party
parisian cafe party
  • Generates True Pulse For The City

It doesn’t not matter you could never go to Paris to witness such foods. The good news is – you can still create the same feel. For instance, the foods you serve during Parisian Cafe Party ought to include items like grande creme, un demi, une pression, un pastis, to name a few. Lets us not forget, these are considered to be the most popular ones. Therefore, do find a mention in a menu of every cafe in Paris.

  • Give Your Guests Some Delicious And Sweet Cupcakes

Remember – your guest would look for something sweet as well. They have come to a party. Presence of some sweets adds to the feeling of festivities. For instance, you can serve Maple Bacon hazelnut Cupcakes. The best part – you can serve them together with coffee. Additionally, they have an excellent toppings.

  • Opt For Rightful Decorations

It is always not necessary that you decorate the Parisian Cafe Party in faridabad event with expensive items. On the contrary, you can create a magic with simple items such as balloons or banners. Therefore, you just need to procure the right one. For instance, get balloons in different colors. Likewise have them in varying sizes.

Of course, before you decide rationally. After all, you choice for these items will depend of size of venue. Similarly, do not go for whacky and unwarranted colors. Settle for something that has perfect sync with the theme.

To be in safer side, opt for the poplar options. For instance, when it comes to balloons, you can procure items like or Latex Balloons or Foil Balloons. They blend with other décor items as well. Additionally, It helps in creating the perfect Parisian Cafe Party in faridabad with festive ambiance.

  • Tell The Audience About Your Taste With Correct Invitation

At times, silence does speak million words! Similarly, the invitations you choose will volumes about your personality. Remember – your idea is to woo your guests to attend the party. You don’t have to do a lot of pleadings. Just do a small thing – choose the Parisian Cafe Party theme invite appropriately. Also, this way you can win half the battle.

Ideally, you ought to incorporate few essential details. On face of it, such details do look very trivial. However, for your guests a small bit of information can be worth millions! For example, the contact phone number mentioned in the invite eases things for the guests. Suppose, there is a medical emergency back home, relatives can always get in touch!

Doughnuts And Milk Breakfast Party – 5 Useful Facts

Doughnuts And Milk Breakfast Party Theme

Parents are always in turmoil when they think about food habits of their child. They are fussy and very choosy. No matter how hard parents tr, they won’t budge from their preferred food item. It is due to this reason that parents always remain in their tenterhooks. Their dilemma increases manifold when they think about organizing a Doughnuts And Milk breakfast party.

Yes, it is true some children just love this party. If you have a kid and want to throw this party you can do so. Just make sure take into consideration all important facts. Furthermore, This will ensure the hard work put in by you does not go down the drain!

Below you will find 5 such useful facts:

  1. Create The Correct Breakfast party Feel
Doughnuts And Milk Breakfast Party
Doughnuts And Milk Breakfast Party

A lot of parents harbor a wrong notion. They believe conducting this Doughnuts And Milk Breakfast party will be an expensive preposition. However, the fact of the matter is – it is less costly and can be done easily. For instance, give the correct breakfast party feel by incorporating numerous chalkboard details. This can include a lot of things like a large chalk menu and menu cards. To generate the right results, employ a simple chocolate brown and blue color scheme. And yes, add a little burlap to produce great outcomes.

  • Made Special Arrangements For Younger Guests

This Doughnuts And Milk Breakfast Party is bound to witness a younger crowd. There may be guest under the age of say 4. They deserve special attention. Therefore, Just make sure to opt of numerous donut holes! Not only this, you can even go to the extent of making couple of donut pops. Also, To ensure these are delicious, just incorporate some extra sprinkles and chocolate.

  • Procure Different Flavors Of Milk

Having the donuts in just one flavor is a bad idea. Instead, have many flavors so that it meets the taste bud of these kids. For instance, you can opt for almond which will defiantly be liked by non-dairy little kids! Additionally, Another alternative is to offer juice and fruit.

Experience has shown that some kids love the cereal that is offered in waffle bowl. Here, presence of a bowl helps in serving the right portion usually consumed by kids. Furthermore, Do not forget the fantastic cookies. Also, There is no second thought that this is a major hit with kids during Winter Wonderland.

  • Reward The Kids With Appropriate Party Favors

Remember – kids come to such a Doughnuts And Milk Breakfast Party with a lot of hopes and expectations. So, Please do not let them down without giving away free goodies! They feel overwhelmed and happy when they are given a party favor. For instance, you can give pastry tie bags.

Furthermore, These are no ordinary bags. Also, These are immensely beneficial and are functional as well. Besides that, It has provision for convenient bands that can be wrapped around twist of the decorating bag. Additionally, It can be locked for preventing icing from coming out of the tops.

  • Select Party Accessories Judiciously

The market is full of many options. Therefore, you need to choose judiciously. Also, This will prevent occurrences of any instance of mismatch. For example, you can opt for printable donut garland. So, you just need to print them, string and hand!

4 Simple And Basic Facts About Tailgating Party

At times people get fed up with consuming grilling food and alcoholic beverages at Pubs or Homes! These people often look for alternatives that will give them a change in routine. A Tailgating Party serves their purpose brilliantly. Such parties mainly take place at parking lots, arenas, after and before concerts and games.

tailgating party
tailgating party

The change it brings is great relief for them.  These days such parties witnesses phenomenal participation. Not only this, even the format of the party has seen a wide change.

If you wish to throw such a bash, you are in for surprise! This piece outlines the 4 basic facts about it.

The Tail Gate Of A Vehicle Is Its Specialty

Yes, undeniably you can consume alcoholic drinks and consume food in your vehicle during tailgating party. This of course won’t necessarily fall in this category. The vehicle in question ought to contain a tailgate. The people who participate in such activity is often said to be tailgating.

With time everything around us changes. Therefore, there has been a little modification in the concept of tailgating. Presently, vehicles without a tail gate are also permitted to take part in the event.

Make All Necessary Arrangements For Tailgating Party

You need to ensure everything is in place before you begin the party. First things first, trace families and friends interested to participate in the event. it will help you many ways when you determine this in advance. For instance, getting tickets to a game becomes hassle free. Likewise, it will permit you to buy appropriate number of Crochet and Pink Lemonade drinks.

Figure Out A List Of Food Items

Remember – people will be busy drinking and partying the entire time. at some point of time they will necessarily feel a need to eat. Therefore, you ought to have sufficient food at your disposal. Empty stomach could create havoc, you know!

Therefore, you ought to adhere to good planning for tailgating party. In fact, the planning needs to take place several days, weeks or months before the actual event. Planning comes handy as it ensures smooth conduct of the party. Additionally, it ensures all participants are catered in an appropriate manner. 

You cannot perhaps afford to bring food for everyone. This is absolutely understandable. Most people in such situations ask each participant to bring foods as well. Thus, everyone in the group can easily share it among them.

Check The Applicable Legal Rules Beforehand

Unlike other parties like Pirate Bash party, such tailing events are governed by applicable rules. Therefore, the onus lies on your to check these rules beforehand. Remember – there are prohibitory rules applicable to certain items like kegs, glass containers, alcohol, etc. therefore, it is wise to adhere to rules instead of breaking the rules. Needless to say, you have participated in the party for enjoyment and merriment. The last thing you expect is to break the rules. For example, you are yearning to wear tailgating party dresses.  To be on the safe side, it is better you get yourself acquainted with these rules. This will ensure your party ends up without any major hiccup!