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Best Birthday Party Game for Kids

Birthday Party Games in Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida

  • Pin the tail

Pin the tail on the donkey is a classic party game, which is easily adapted to the party theme like Pin the Eye on Minion, Wand on the fairy, Moustache on Santa Claus, etc. This is among most favorite birthday party game as per our observation and kids want to try it again and again. In this game, each child takes a turn at pinning the missing object on a picture while blindfolded. The child who pins on the correct spot is the winner. There can be multiple winners of this game, so do remember to arrange for few prizes or chocolates.

  • Birthday Bingo

Ask questions about the birthday child, like his/her middle name, a favorite color, a favorite cartoon character, etc. Whoever knows each answer yells bingo!  Let the birthday child confirm whether it is correct. This will be interesting birthday party game.

birthday party game
birthday party game

Memory Game

Put some small items on a tray, for example a comb, glue stick, pen, mobile phone etc. In general, ten items should be ideal. Give each child a pencil and paper. Let them look at the tray for a minute, and then cover it.  Children have to write down all the items; the one with the maximum right answers is the winner.

There can be a twist in the birthday party game, therefore ask kids to observe properly. The person who shows the tray, moves out of the room. Then ask the color of shoes or hair of the person who presented the tray. You may ask this question to moms, and it will be fun.

  • Picture Treasure Hunt

This one is one of our favorite birthday party game. Hide treasure is easy to reach, safe place and show a picture clue of where it is hidden. It can be with a person also like show pictures of black suit, children will go to the person wearing a black suit and ask for the treasure. Give one clue at a time and children race to find the treasure, whoever finds it keep the treasure. Here, the treasure can be puzzle games, chocolate box or a toy.

Sunshine Game

If you want children to be seated and concentrate, then this is the best fun game. Ask them to show the things they have or they are wearing, whoever comes in front first and shows it, is the winner. For example, you may ask questions like who is wearing white socks. Who has a blue watch? Show me a coin etc. The child who has it has to come forward and show it. Trust on us, Sunshine Game, being one of the best birthday party game really excite kids.


Charades is another famous game in classical birthday party game. Nearly everyone has taken part in it at least once.

It is very easy to play Charades. Write the names of movies on pieces of paper, fold those and put them in a bowl or a hat. Divide guests into teams. One person from the team goes to the front and picks a paper.

This is where the fun starts. The person will then have to communicate the movie title to team members without speaking. The game involves acting, body language, some embarrassment and tons of fun.

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is another classical indoor party game. It is mainly suitable for younger gatherings of people who feel comfortable in each other’s presence.

One person starts by asking somebody else Truth or Dare. In the case that the person chooses truth, some very personal question will be asked. The individual will have to provide an honest answer. When dare is selected, the person will be asked to do something, which is usually embarrassing.
Hope you liked these birthday party game; children above 8 years would love it too and remember the party always. A number of indoor birthday party game are available for you to choose from. Make sure that you have at least several options, giving guests of the celebration the chance to pick the activity that they enjoy the most.

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Birthday Party Games

Children always want their birthday celebration as best as possible when compared to their friends. They always love to compete with one another and see who has the best birthday party games, idea or theme. So, if you are throwing such a party for your child, then make sure to fulfill your child’s urge to have a better party idea this time as compared to others by adding extra entertainment activities. In spite, You should think of some special ideas to make your child’s birthday celebration the most unforgettable. You can plan activities and offer gifts to the top performers in order to increase the enthusiasm of the participants.

A few popular birthday party games

One of the best activities that you can organize in your child’s birthday party is a scavenger hunt by making use of indoor playgrounds and bounce houses. This idea will work for you only if you have enough space otherwise others will easily find the thing you have hidden and spoil the same. However, this game will be amazing in case you have your own private space. Further, you can include race competition. This will also be a great celebration idea for some venues. Besides, You can arrange an obstacle course if you have an indoor playground. In addition, Make sure to specify the directions prior in advance so that no participants are confused and go to some other way.

Hide & Seek

Moreover, Another fun activity that you can organize is Hide & Seek. It can be a great birthday party activity if you are hosting parties in an indoor playground or a bounce house venue. Since most of the kids would not be familiar with the venue. As a result, no one will know the good places to hide and your child can have the extra advantage of winning prizes over the other kids participating in the game

The Nitty-Gritty

These kinds of birthday party games are quite time-consuming. As they can take lots of time in resolving the final decision on the winner. Adding this type of game on the list of activities to be organized on the occasion of your child’s party is best if you have lots of time. But, if you have a short time period in your hand, then make sure to cut time on these activities so that you do not need to compromise with other activities later.

birthday party games
birthday party games

Moreover, thinking of an exclusive birthday party idea in order to keep the kids happy and entertained is not a difficult task. You just need to think about the activities that can amaze your child as well the other kids to the fullest keeping the venue of the party in mind. Arranging interesting activities that can keep kids going throughout the party will also help their parents and allow them to enjoy the party the way they want.

Birthday Party Planners and Organizers

Kids are the most significant facet of birthday parties because only they contribute to making a birthday look like a bash. Seeing a group of kids enjoying mutually may be a heartwarming picture, it also causes guests to feel excited. While your child is special and to make his/her gala day more than special, you need to hire a birthday party planner organizer who can arrange for a broad compilation of birthday party games. A reputable and experienced birthday party organizers are expected to do it before long and flawlessly. We, at Birthday World, the leading birthday organizing company offer an extensive collection of birthday party games to entertain your little guests to the fullest.

Best Birthday Party Games

We, the team of seasoned professionals at Birthday World are dedicated to offering you complete assistance to make your kid’s birthday party a wonderful and memorable event for a lifetime. Not only we excel in decorating birthday parties and arranging scrumptious cuisine menu for the party but we also play a seminal role in organizing exclusive birthday party games such as puppet shows, wonderful musical birthday party games, and trendiest indoor birthday party games including a superb magician for your birthday party. These are some exclusive birthday party games, which we fundamentally arrange and organize for kids to keep them busy and ensure great fun for them. A puppet show will be the center of attention of a party organized for kids and likewise, a magician performing live magic in front of kids will overwhelm them matchlessly. We at Birthday World, the professional birthday organizers in Faridabad maintain parties that are going to be extra fun, enjoyable to an extent that can keep children busy. That is why we add a variety of amazing birthday party games. We make sure that your child’s party will be a real success and will be talked about for years to come in the future.

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That is why hiring a professional birthday organizer is worth considering! We plan everything ranging from selecting a venue, birthday party games, foods & drinks, to return gifts, all you need to do is sit back, feel at ease and revel in the party. We at Birthday World are responsible for making a fun and enjoyable celebratory party! Hiring us, you are sure to get the most favorable deals possible. Besides, So hire us and witness how our event planning works wonders for you. We look forward to hearing from you. Happy Partying!