Downtown Abbey Watching Party – 3 Useful Factors Worth Knowing

Downtown Abbey Watching Party

Do you watch the famous and popular period drama Downtown Abbey? If yes, there are chances you must be waiting anxiously to discover the sequence of events related your favorite characters. You watching experience increases manifold when there are friends around, right?Why not think about organizing a Downtown Abbey Watching Party? Don’t worry; you can easily pull off the party. You have to necessarily break your grandmother’s china and crystal. This will be one rare occasion when you can indulge with some fun and frolic with nearest and dearest ones.

Downtown Abbey Watching Party
Downtown Abbey Watching Party

Of course, you need to plan and organize the event in a proper manner. Do don’t want all your assembled guests to feel uncomfortable with cramped seating arrangement, for instance. Apart from the seating arrangement, you ought to pay attention to several other factors as well.

For your benefit, 3 of these useful factors are mentioned below:

  • Opt For Downtown Abbey-Inspired Recipes

All your guests in Downtown Abbey watching party have gathered to spend some time and derive tons of merriment. During the course of the party, everyone would look forward to tasting some sumptuous foods! This reaction is quite natural as they will feel hungry while watching the period drama.

Your guests are special to you. Needless to say, they do expect special treatment as well. The best way to achieve this objective would be to serve them rightful foods. Please do not settle for conventional food items. Instead, offer them Downtown Abbey inspired foods during Downtown Abbey Watching Party. You can opt for recipes that fit this definition. For instance, you can offer them a cocktail inspired from this theme. Arrange for an ice filled mixing glass and add things like Hendricks Gin, St German Elder flower Liqueur and fresh squeezed lime. Once done, shake it vigorously and make sure to strain into the chilled martini glass. If you want you can also top it with sparkling wine or Champagne.

  • Think About Mugs And Super Cute Cupcake Toppers

Did you know you can even give an impressive look to your table at Downtown Abbey Watching Party ? Of course, for this you will need to arrange few things. In addition, get hold of cute cupcake toppers, themed-mugs and cupcakes. Decorate the cupcakes with stunning toppers. So, this will in turning tone of your table.

  • Arrange For A Quiz Session

Believe it or not, your guests are intelligent lots. Therefore, they just don’t watch the period drama episode. On the contrary, they are well versed with everything that has been aired so far. Therefore, the best way to determine this is to conduct a quiz. The guests for Downtown Abbey Watching Party will take whole hearted active participation.

Also, it is human tendency that they want to be recognized for their wits and knowledge. Therefore, when you pose a question about the theme, you can expect many hands up! In order to instill a sense of competition, you can even come up with gifting prizes! Also, this kind of party idea is praiseworthy. Most Importantly, your guests will love sipping the drink and also get entertained rightfully.

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