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Vintage Car Themed Party

Having a birthday is a delight and a perfect excuse to open the house to friends and family in a fun celebration. Whether with a simple or exquisite table, it is worth the good times we spend together with those we love, after all, in the rush of life we ​​cannot be with people as often as we would like. And that’s how we planned this whole car themed party, with great affection, for a very special client to surprise her husband who loves cars!

car themed party
car themed party

Let’s see all the details about Car Themed Party

With strong and dark tones, sober but striking, we think of every detail of the car themed birthday decoration.

Instead of flowers, to make it very masculine, you should include boxes to bring the table to life.

 And the vintage car at the foot of the table can complete the decoration and leave the couple’s son in love!

To give more life, add gas stations and vintage cars. The red and navy tones are very characteristic of the car themed party, and by themselves make the decoration even more beautiful.

Delicious cupcakes cannot be missed!

And the set-top cake with the beet cake top completes the decor with style.

Passionate about cars will not resist! It makes you want to collect the cars so beautiful.

In addition to the table decoration, we set up the guest tables with mini amphoras and mini boxes with a black table runner.

And a delicious buffet with Arabic foods to serve the guests on a whim!

Hope you are inspired to have a beautiful table, and open your home and soul to welcome friends and family to share delicious moments on your birthday!

Simple pieces of the cake turn out to be beautiful trolley carts. I loved it!

Give your chocolate cake the shape of a traffic light, also decorate it with American paste (or it can be with colored confection). Everything is to do with the theme of the party.

Super charming decoration

Make the white and black plaid pattern and the yellow and red colors. That is a perfect match for the car themed party.

Make truck’s bucket look like a candy holder. How cute!

The idea of creating ​​a mask is really wonderful.

It entertains the children and you can still make beautiful pictures of the guests using them.

Include a road detail in the center of the table. And the orange cone gives the final finish. It is very creative. And you can use these ideas in other ways.

As a souvenir, include a cart too. Simple, but it’s all about the car themed birthday party and it will please you.

I love this idea that you can reproduce at home. Super creative! It is for children to have fun and to make cute pictures.

Party theme in every detail: the label of the juice bottles, the table, the decorated cookies… Popcorn or candy cones are soaring at children’s parties. And whether made in black and white or orange checkered paper is all about cars. Black, white and red are the official colors of the car themed party. They look beautiful!

Boss Baby- Your powerful child’s powered theme party

Plan your kids birthday party with newest boss baby theme

The strength and extraordinary powers like that of a Superman or Batman is always enticing for the children, especially the boys. While, Ironman and Captain America might have been your kid’s favorite superhero, there is a new power figure theme party in the house- the Boss Baby Theme Party. Boss Baby– the animated American movie is a favorite power figure amongst many kids today. They relate to boss baby and his excellent intelligent abilities.

However, if you are planning for your child’s upcoming birthday party and are are still opting for old superhero themes, we bet you should rather choose the new inspiring and trending theme – Boss Baby Theme. A more preferred theme amongst the boys, this would be exciting and adventurous as your kid will not only feel special, but also, will be the “Boss”. We guarantee he would love to be the “Baby Boss” on this special day and dictate his commands as it is his special day. 

boss baby theme
boss baby theme

However, as trendy as it is, it is also a new and rare theme party idea that many are exploring. However, we assure you that our team would be the best assistants and take complete responsibility of all preparations right from the start till the end.

The Powerful Ambience

While planning a theme party it is important that the environment is set as per the expectations. You would not like the theme party that does not resonate with the idea of your invitation made your guest. It can be disheartening. Our team understands that and provides you with exceptional ideas and execution which would definitely be at par than your expectations.

Starting from the venue, we will take care of the complete setup. Whether it be your house or a banquet booking, we ensure the decor would be the best. As the theme suggest, the special day for your loved ones should be power pact. Boss Baby theme is all about intelligence and power to think maturely. The decor can include banners and flyers.


Wall hangings and flyers all around the venue with Boss Baby happy birthday message can be vibrant and effective theme decor. The banners can be exclusive and inspiring when you have your kid posing as the Boss Baby. A picture of your baby boy implanted and hanged around the walls sounds fun-loving. Your kid would definitely feel special.

Thematic wall hanging with your kids & boss baby picture

Special wall hanging with your kids picture and witty powerful messages or quotes from the movie just as delivered by the Boss Baby can add a unique and unforgettable memory to your celebration. Additionally, we can also arrange a backdrop with boss baby theme banner and your kids picture in it for a photo booth. It would be lovely to see your kid present in every picture.

We can have specially designed table covers of theme. As the theme, balloon spread around or hanging from the ceiling can add more spark to your theme party.

Time for some food – maybe the energy drink it is

When we talk about food, the first and most important thing in a birthday party is the cake. While you can order special favor cakes, we provide special services offering quality theme cakes for your birthday celebration. Just like Chota Bheem or Captain America, we can provide you with special Boss Baby cake.

Talking about eatables, this theme has an extraordinary demand. While you might be thinking of energy food, how about having the energy drink, just like what Boss Baby had for his extra powers and wit. A special energy drink served in special boss baby glasses. The drink is of utmost significance to make your theme celebration distinctive and exclusive.


For food you can have special items that relates to the theme. We can have special supplies of plates and napkins all with theme pictures on it.

Dress like a Boss

Theme parties are always fun to watch when all your guest walk in dressed as per the theme. Oh, we cannot even imagine those amazing pictures after it. Can you?

Well, to make your celebration more special we can also have a dress code for your theme party. Just like the boss baby, how about having all your little kids dressed in suits with tie. That would definitely be a treat to watch. Your little champs dressed in black suit just like a boss. Now, you certainly can imagine those amazing pictures coming from your party.

However, while arranging for theme parties, it is important that you inform your guest much in advance. This can be done through the invitation cards.

Invitation cards

We provide a team of creative designers who will design special boss baby theme party based invitation cards for all your guest. Syncing color and out of the box ideas, we ensure you also do not miss on important messages.

It is important we put out details like- venue, date and time and a special note about the dress code so your guest stay prepared.

Games and Activities

Boredom can make your guest think of leaving your party sooner. In case you’re worried about it, we assure your party would be one of its kind. Just as fun and adventurous as the movie, we can organize thrilling and amusing games and activities for your loved ones and the guests.

Boss baby as the intelligent and bossy little kid, would definitely love to use his powers and not be treated like any other normal kid. Thus, organizing quiz for the kids to show off their intelligence, or, having a game like decode the memo and be the boss can be adventurous for your theme birthday party.


Nevertheless, as the preparations are endless, we are a team that never goes out on creativity and ideas. Our innovative theme parties are our strength and also a value that our customers trust us with.

We promise to make your celebrations memorable and delightful for you and your loved ones. We value our customers and their needs, understanding the significance of this day. We assure to make the day as special as you desire.

We Have Everything for your Next Theme Party

Theme Party Planner

Here on our website, Birthday World, we are the leading theme party planner in Faridabad. Here, you will find everything you need when it comes to arranging and planning your theme party whether it is a girls theme party, Boys theme Party, etc. Moreover, This ranges from decoration ideas to party theme and table cover for costumes to entertainment suggestions.

Besides, Being an experienced theme party planner in Faridabad, we know well that it can be difficult to maintain the setting when planning theme parties on your own. At the crossroads, we at Birthday World, the best theme party planner in Faridabad can come into play for you to carry out the entire theme planning from start to finish in a brilliant and trendiest fashion.

In spite, Being an up-and-coming theme party planner in Faridabad and the growing demand for theme parties, we have presently included a wide range of themes for the children’s (both girls and boys) birthday as well as adults – and you can find them all in our website’s menu.

Overview of theme parties

Theme parties are fun. Besides, They inject extra fun and liveliness to an event, which is already typically filled with a good atmosphere, happy people and delicious food!

For a theme to show its effect in the party there should be thematic decorations and thematic costumes to be attired by the birthday person. With a theme party, there is also a great surprise in the eyes of guests as they do not have any knowledge of what the party would offer in advance. Similarly, the host himself/herself does not know in advance how the guests are going to contribute to the theme party. In fact, in short, a lot of things are marked by caution and secrecy in theme parties.

In other words, when talking about theme parties, the framework and the guests are the entertainers itself. Moreover, With a well-planned theme party, the event will, therefore, be remembered and talked about for a long time in the future.

Popular party theme ideas for adults

There are lots of adults’ themes we have listed on our website. We are giving an overview of four very popular adult themes. They are as follows:

1. Hollywood Glamour Party

Hollywood Glamour Party is simply the best choice. Besides, According to this theme, the host as well the guests are required to attire like the Hollywood stars and rock the party night to the fullest.

2-Karaoke Party

For those who have been to Karaoke, Karaoke night needs no introduction. In fact, Considering the aspects of the theme, it is essential to decorate the venue similar to a Karaoke theme and let the party started.

3-Oscar Themed Party

Similar to the Oscar night where Hollywood stars are awarded for their extraordinary performance, even you can set this theme and distribute awards for people with best dressed, best personality, etc.

4-Casino Party

A lot of adults enjoy going to the casino and play various gambling games there to recreate them and/or to win money by luck. Therefore, if you are also like the casino environment, you can similarly decorate the tables.

Rather, You can have a look at the various adult themes, we have listed on our website Birthday World, the recognized theme party planner in Faridabad, and choose that fits your personality and tastes.

Party theme for kids

Many theme parties for children are also easy to perform, which makes it easy for a child to attire and act according to a specific themed party. Below, we have mentioned the themes according to a specific gender

Boys Birthday Party Themes

If you want to make your little boy’s birthday as special as possible, then we, at Birthday World, the leading theme party planner in Faridabad encourage you to choose from the wide range of birthday themes we have listed for you on our website Birthday World.

Moreover, Below mentioned are a few specific themes for your celebrant boy:

Doraemon theme party- Among the most favorite boys themes for the birthday, Doremon theme party is one. As per the theme, children should feel happy-go-lucky and enjoy with Doreamon, perhaps the most favorite cartoon character of kids.

Chhota bheem theme party– According to this theme, the celebrant kid has to attire like chhota bheem and the fun begins.

Carebear theme party- Care Bears are thoroughly caring and are certainly the cutest creatures in your child’s birthday party.

Krishna theme party- According to this theme, your child has to embody the character and everybody is invited to join in the celebrations.

Candyland theme party– It is also a great fun theme as well.  Moreover, Like other mentioned themes, the leading birthday organizer in Faridabad can help you put it into effect.

Girls Birthday Party Themes

If you want to make your birthday as special as possible for your cute little princess, then we, at Birthday World, the leading theme party planner in Faridabad encourage you to choose from the wide range of birthday themes we have listed for you on our website Birthday World.

However, Here are a few special themes for your little celebrant girl:

Frozen theme party
Basically, This theme is inspired by a well-known animated Hollywood movie Frozen, and it is really very outstanding. Therefore, installing it in your daughter birthday event will  

Make your own pizza party
According to the theme, you need to prepare pizza at home and invite your guests with imaginative illustrations.

Alice in Wonderland- Comparatively. Alice is one of the most popular cartoon characters of females. In addition to this, the decoration can be made as per the theme itself. Besides, the Back to college party theme is also very engaging. Moreover, We can help you put this theme into effect at your birthday party.

Hire us for planning your theme party in Faridabad

However, If you are looking to avail of our theme planning services in and near Faridabad, we cordially push you for contacting us on our website Birthday World, the leading theme party planner in Faridabad.  Enjoy your theme party. Overall, We hope you and your guests will have a great day!  

Birthday Themes For Boys & Girls

The secret planning for birthday themes

While planning a birthday for someone, one of the most essential thing is birthday themes. Make sure to be careful not to reveal about your plans to the person who can prove to be a spoiler. In the meantime, we at Birthday World will continue to plan and organize the birthday themes as per your expectations.

Find your partner in crime

It’s impossible to be able to do all by yourself even if you are an expert. Keeping up the responsibility of a secret can feel like a burden. Solve this issue by finding someone who you can trust and who is equally enthusiastic about the concept of birthday themes. Birthday World, the birthday planner are going to be your partner in crime and would help you to bring a smile of joy on the face of your loved one.

birthday themes for boys and girls
birthday themes for boys and girls

Girls Birthday Party Themes

Celebrating a day when a little girl came to your home every year is a pleasure to parents than it is to her. You can use the themes to make the party memorable and awesome. Having birthday themes is a good thing but choosing the right one is a crucial job which can be successful with the help of birthday planner. Below are some of the birthday themes that can be tried to make your daughter’s day special.

  • Frozen Theme

With the popularity of the frozen movie, this idea can never go flop. Dress her in a blue dress of the princess of the movie. Also, get a special cake arranged that has frozen princess on it.

  • Princess Theme

What can be better than making your princess feel like a real princess? Dress her like a princess in white and pink colours. The invitations can be written not as a request but as an order from the princess. Make sure to dress her in a nice, sweet tiara on the head.

  • Little Birdie Theme

A cute little birdie for a sweet girl seems to be the best idea. You can do magic with the cake and the decorations with the help of the birthday planner. Fill the walls with the cut out of birds and get a special cake to suit the birthday themes.

If you are planning a theme party for a girl then you can choose from various others like Barbie theme, Alice in Wonderland, Fairy theme, Minnie Mouse them and there’s many more.

Boys Birthday Party Themes

Birthday of the little devil is probably one of the most special days for you. Therefore, You should plan the celebrations to make his day special. One of the things that are in trend and appealing to kids are birthday themes for parties. If you choose the good birthday themes from birthday planner then it will also set your mood as soon as it starts.

  • Minion Theme

With so many fan following of the minions, using this as a birthday themes is as trendy as ever. Let this theme help you to make the day special for your kid. Therefore, You can gift your little one a cute minion t-shirt on his big day.

  • Little Men Theme

Celebrating a birthday in this theme will definitely make it special for him. Also, It includes a unique spin in decoration, invitations, and tableware. Additionally, Everything in this theme has a black moustache on lime green, grey or blue background.

  • Royal Prince Theme

The prince of your house needs to have this feeling. A well planned themed party will give your child the feeling of royalty. Give more preference to golden and royal blue colour while decorating the venue with the help of birthday planner.

If you are planning a birthday party for a boy then you can select from various other birthday themes. Therefore, Noddy, Car theme, Science theme, Superhero theme, Avengers theme and more are other options too.