Vintage Car Themed Party

Having a birthday is a delight and a perfect excuse to open the house to friends and family in a fun celebration. Whether with a simple or exquisite table, it is worth the good times we spend together with those we love, after all, in the rush of life we ​​cannot be with people as often as we would like. And that’s how we planned this whole car themed party, with great affection, for a very special client to surprise her husband who loves cars!

car themed party
car themed party

Let’s see all the details about Car Themed Party

With strong and dark tones, sober but striking, we think of every detail of the car themed birthday decoration.

Instead of flowers, to make it very masculine, you should include boxes to bring the table to life.

 And the vintage car at the foot of the table can complete the decoration and leave the couple’s son in love!

To give more life, add gas stations and vintage cars. The red and navy tones are very characteristic of the car themed party, and by themselves make the decoration even more beautiful.

Delicious cupcakes cannot be missed!

And the set-top cake with the beet cake top completes the decor with style.

Passionate about cars will not resist! It makes you want to collect the cars so beautiful.

In addition to the table decoration, we set up the guest tables with mini amphoras and mini boxes with a black table runner.

And a delicious buffet with Arabic foods to serve the guests on a whim!

Hope you are inspired to have a beautiful table, and open your home and soul to welcome friends and family to share delicious moments on your birthday!

Simple pieces of the cake turn out to be beautiful trolley carts. I loved it!

Give your chocolate cake the shape of a traffic light, also decorate it with American paste (or it can be with colored confection). Everything is to do with the theme of the party.

Super charming decoration

Make the white and black plaid pattern and the yellow and red colors. That is a perfect match for the car themed party.

Make truck’s bucket look like a candy holder. How cute!

The idea of creating ​​a mask is really wonderful.

It entertains the children and you can still make beautiful pictures of the guests using them.

Include a road detail in the center of the table. And the orange cone gives the final finish. It is very creative. And you can use these ideas in other ways.

As a souvenir, include a cart too. Simple, but it’s all about the car themed birthday party and it will please you.

I love this idea that you can reproduce at home. Super creative! It is for children to have fun and to make cute pictures.

Party theme in every detail: the label of the juice bottles, the table, the decorated cookies… Popcorn or candy cones are soaring at children’s parties. And whether made in black and white or orange checkered paper is all about cars. Black, white and red are the official colors of the car themed party. They look beautiful!

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